What is An Veritas?

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An Veritas in a loose translation, means “Or the Truth?” in Latin. I have been working on a unique but meaningful business name and wanted something that meant Truth.

An Veritas was born of a dream to be a business consultant a few years ago. I have been working towards that dream and feel this is one of many steps that will carry me towards that goal.

First, try to find a niche market. Am I right? You can Google the word niche and just get more confused, and please don’t Google “how to find your niche”. It isn’t helpful at all. Bottom line…after years of hunting and figuring out what I do best, it’s simply what I do naturally and drive my husband crazy with. Who knew!? Well, other than my husband apparently.

I think pretty good on my feet, I do even better thinking with coffee. I use my experience in accounting, management, team building and diversity to assist businesses in achieving their goals. I have experience in implementing internal control changes and process improvement, finding errors and auditing financial records for compliance and accuracy.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about An Veritas, please contact me at anveritasbf@gmail.com.

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