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In order to develop my branding strategy, I decided to outline what my mission statement would be.

To safeguard businesses from fraud through internal control and business culture.

With that decided, I am able to showcase some websites that I feel help me reach the target audience. Active business owners who want to succeed or overcome a fraud or problem with their financials. Maybe they aren’t facing fraud, but rather poor financial records.

This website is a good jumping off point for any entrepreneur. Either the beginner for ideas and important points to consider along the way or for those that are seasoned veterans. There is a little something for everyone here. Just remember, it is a research tool so make sure to keep looking at other websites too.

This company deals with many high level clients. I use this website to show people that fraud happens to anyone. It doesn’t discriminate. There are also some good articles on how to protect yourself against fraud.

Fico is a fraud software website. It is a good website to research different types of AI (Artificial Intelligence) fraud businesses and individuals experience. I stay up to date on current trend and fraud challenges through the information on this website.

This website is also a fraud software website. They work to help ecommerce businesses avoid fraud through online transactions. If this is your prime source of revenue for your business, you may find some useful articles here about current trends and advice.

This website is my go-to when I want to see what trouble big corporations are getting into. This website is best for trends and changes.

I use these websites to suggest further my branding strategy because I am really wanting to make you prepared to safeguard against fraud. You are not alone, you aren’t the first and surely won’t be the last to be a victim of fraud. But with safeguards such as; data, internal controls and an ethical business culture, you can combat fraud.

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