What Would Vloggers Do?

So, you want to do a business vlog. Well that sounds fun. What could be so hard?

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Well, if it is for business I will tell you this. Keep it clean. You never know whose mom is on the internet. And remember…

What happens online, STAYS online! I am not kidding. It doesn’t go away. So, when you are building your business brand. Don’t talk on your video like you would to the rude guy who just cut you off on the interstate ramp. Just smile and wave. I swear, the Penguins of Madagascar are my role models sometimes.

How do vlogs become great? Lets remember that if you are creating your vlog for your business you want it to do one of three things.

  1. Bring in interested audiences to your website or social media page
  2. Engage your audience
  3. Share your knowledge, show your skills!

Check out Sunny’s video on how to build your brand:

Video Credit: Sunny Lenarduzzi, March 5, 2019

I do agree with her branding advice. Great ideas to keep it all together.

Now just remember, keep it clean, keep it inline with your business mission and ethics. And go share your skills with the world!

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