The Business Struggle is Real

To guide you in how to develop a professional network for your business, I would like to share my branding strategy. I strive to provide valuable information to my readers, with a little bit of lighthearted joking about how stressful being a business in the digital age can be. We have all been there when we wish we could take something back or would have done something differently.

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Your online image and even your personal online images portray your beliefs and values to clients and customers. It doesn’t matter if that is what you wanted or not, it is who you are. Firstly, make sure they align. Be true to you. If you aren’t a straight talker, don’t try to be. It won’t come out right for you. The internet is a fickle beast, it smells fear.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

“What happens on the internet, stays on the internet.”

Seriously, someone somewhere will find it. If you have already discovered this, I am truly sorry. I have devised a list of some key sources to start to build your professional network below.

  • Better Business Bureau This website can offer invaluable tips on potential scammers and best business practices as far as ethical behavior. You can set up a business account, become part of their online directory. This allows your clients to even leave a review about your services. If you are looking to start a joint venture or project with another business, this can also be a valuable tool. Just try to remove feelings about reviews and read the facts.
  • Fraud Magazine Another page turner I like to visit. If you have ever wondered why fraud happens. This is the place to delve into the topic. Fascinating! I know, my fraud dork is showing. I am ok with that!
  • LinkedIn This website is great for professional connections and building your business brand. You can (and should), create a profile for yourself and also think about the benefits of creating a business profile (if the owner). Double your professional and post messages to readers, create value and test products or ideas. This is a great sounding board for business type interactions. For those of you who are familiar with Linkedin, you can also find my profile and follow me or An Veritas. NOTE: if your reason for requesting to connect is to pitch me a sale in your first (or tenth) message, save us both the trouble.

Here are a few key hashtags that I recommend every business follow on LinkedIn. They can provide you with great insight and review into trends and practices that can shape the course of your business.

  • #internalcontrol is a good hashtag to follow on LinkedIn. It shows you what some other businesses are doing to promote internal controls. And what scams or risks others have shared with this hashtag.
  • #ethicalleadership is another one that shows you all that is good and right in the world. There are a few pointers that I think we can all learn from some of the articles posted through this hashtag.
  • #fraudulent scammer alerts, good business practices. This one is a good one to follow for personal and professional reasons. Know what is trending in fraud activities and how to avoid them.

As always, thank you for tuning in and carry on with your fabulous day!

Happy Sunday!

To safeguard business’ from fraud through internal control and business culture.

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