Looking for Professional Remote Accounting Service?

During the start of almost every meeting, when a client is looking to leverage highly qualified talent to assist them with their business needs, the one aspect that seems to boggle their mind is “how do you do it”? What they always want to know is how do I provide remote accounting services if I never step foot in their office.

It’s quite simple if you break it down like this.

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Information in – How is it received?

If you get many of the bills your business owes through email or logging into vendor websites (also called portals), you are 75% there. And choosing a remote option for key services such as accounting or financial consulting are easily adapted to your current processes.

If you get many of your bills through the mail or must log in to all your vendor websites to gather your bills, you will need to alter your processes to adapt. Which can be simple as scanning all your bills daily/weekly to an email address.

Information out – How do you send information?

Currently, if you mail checks or invoices; you run the risk of it piling up on a desk somewhere if it reaches its destination. I don’t know about you, but mail services just aren’t as reliable as they used to be. If this is your bag, and someone “has always done it this way”. I will kindly try to hide my youthful eye roll and suggest that if that person wants to continue to send them by mail, you can always follow up by giving customers the option of receiving their invoices by email.

How do your customer pay you? If the tried-and-true method of checks is your answer, that’s ok. We can still work with this. However, for security and processing reasons I highly recommend ACH deposit.

There are couple of different ways this can be done. Which I might reserve for a blog post another day. Bottom line, safety and security is ideal and of course getting paid by your customers faster is always the best option. The key to successful remote accounting services, is information processing.

Processes  – How stuck are you?

When I say stuck, I mean are you so set in your ways that the phrase “that’s the way we have always done it” is finished with “and will keep doing it”.  To be honest, if that is your answer, I will not be your cup of tea and many of my ways of operating are probably not for you either.

I use tools. Whether they are websites, apps, or software that I have painstakingly vetted to ensure they are meeting my business need and providing me the security I would expect for the services they provide.

If it is an app or website or tool you have thought about using, I have probably tested it our or will google it after we are done to see what they do. Curiosity is what keeps me in business. 😉

But there is always room for improvement in processes and how we do things. Some of us, our brains work in a way that we are constantly evaluating how something works. If it’s not broken, it can probably be made to run better. And now there are apps in the world that will help automate and use computer learning to complete a task.

The last is wicked, and another topic for a later post. Time is money. Whether that means you want to buy more time to do the things you want or more time to earn the money you want.

You decide.

If you want to learn more or need to schedule a business consult, please feel free to reach out and schedule a meeting.

Accepting New Clients!

We am extremely proud to announce that An Veritas LLC is now accepting new clients!

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The services we offer appeal to small to medium businesses, those who have not yet reached the level of wanting to hire full time accounting employees or whom prefer to work in a hybrid/fractional model for cost savings or control/versatility.

With experience managing multiple multi-million dollar entities in different industries, our team is available to assist with your business management needs.

We offer services in Accounting and Business Management services, Prior Period Clean up for those sticky situations that are hard to explain. And for those really tough situations, we offer Fraud Examination and Investigation services. Whether you suspect fraud or errors, our staff are trained professionals in Accounting, Fraud, and Investigations.

Give us a call today at (360) 489-6380 or schedule an brief consultation.

Why Me? Lessons in Personal Branding

Do you know what the most interesting aspect about fraud is? Why do people do it? What makes someone commit fraud and steal?

Personal branding is how we present ourselves to the outside world. We can think we are the next best thing since sliced bread, but unless our actions speak volumes we will rarely gain the momentum we envision.

The internet is fickle…

Be true to you, be true to your mission and what makes you get up every morning. Whether it is that pesky rooster, who bless his heart keeps the critters away from his flock…by cock~a~doodling at 3 am. Or the urgent desire to share your message with your own flock.

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Just know, that whatever your message. Make it clear. Make it real, and make it relevant and relatable.

You want to deter fraud? Stop doing research. I can tell you that. I am a walking anomaly to many statistics.

  • I was a foster child since age 11 and aged out of the system
  • I testified in court at the age of 11 and 16, as a victim of crimes that I wish no one ever experiences
  • I paid my own way through college
  • I have been homeless
  • I am a veteran, who served in both the Navy and the Army

…and much more, but this will get us started.

Bottom line, I am fiercely independent. I highly value the truth, drive and determination. I can see it in others, because I recognize the drive.

And I can spot a liar. How? Because I have lived a life that relied on others. I have been lied to at a very young age, and many times. But I also see the good in the world. If you want to change the world, change your view.

Podcast Testing! 3…2…1…

I have launched my podcast for An Veritas, please feel free to have a listen and provide me your honest feedback. Remember, honesty is appreciated here. Just be nice and use little “tech” words.

I am new to this and I have started this podcast on a budget. So far, $30! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Well give it a listen, you can find my podcast feed here:

Please, feel free to leave your comments on my test podcast below or at the podcast. And if there are every questions or topics you want me to discuss, feel free to comment or email me at anveritasbf@gmail.com

Have a great day!

The Business Struggle is Real

To guide you in how to develop a professional network for your business, I would like to share my branding strategy. I strive to provide valuable information to my readers, with a little bit of lighthearted joking about how stressful being a business in the digital age can be. We have all been there when we wish we could take something back or would have done something differently.

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Your online image and even your personal online images portray your beliefs and values to clients and customers. It doesn’t matter if that is what you wanted or not, it is who you are. Firstly, make sure they align. Be true to you. If you aren’t a straight talker, don’t try to be. It won’t come out right for you. The internet is a fickle beast, it smells fear.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

“What happens on the internet, stays on the internet.”

Seriously, someone somewhere will find it. If you have already discovered this, I am truly sorry. I have devised a list of some key sources to start to build your professional network below.

  • Better Business Bureau This website can offer invaluable tips on potential scammers and best business practices as far as ethical behavior. You can set up a business account, become part of their online directory. This allows your clients to even leave a review about your services. If you are looking to start a joint venture or project with another business, this can also be a valuable tool. Just try to remove feelings about reviews and read the facts.
  • Fraud Magazine Another page turner I like to visit. If you have ever wondered why fraud happens. This is the place to delve into the topic. Fascinating! I know, my fraud dork is showing. I am ok with that!
  • LinkedIn This website is great for professional connections and building your business brand. You can (and should), create a profile for yourself and also think about the benefits of creating a business profile (if the owner). Double your professional and post messages to readers, create value and test products or ideas. This is a great sounding board for business type interactions. For those of you who are familiar with Linkedin, you can also find my profile and follow me or An Veritas. NOTE: if your reason for requesting to connect is to pitch me a sale in your first (or tenth) message, save us both the trouble.

Here are a few key hashtags that I recommend every business follow on LinkedIn. They can provide you with great insight and review into trends and practices that can shape the course of your business.

  • #internalcontrol is a good hashtag to follow on LinkedIn. It shows you what some other businesses are doing to promote internal controls. And what scams or risks others have shared with this hashtag.
  • #ethicalleadership is another one that shows you all that is good and right in the world. There are a few pointers that I think we can all learn from some of the articles posted through this hashtag.
  • #fraudulent scammer alerts, good business practices. This one is a good one to follow for personal and professional reasons. Know what is trending in fraud activities and how to avoid them.

As always, thank you for tuning in and carry on with your fabulous day!

Happy Sunday!

To safeguard business’ from fraud through internal control and business culture.

What Would Vloggers Do?

So, you want to do a business vlog. Well that sounds fun. What could be so hard?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Well, if it is for business I will tell you this. Keep it clean. You never know whose mom is on the internet. And remember…

What happens online, STAYS online! I am not kidding. It doesn’t go away. So, when you are building your business brand. Don’t talk on your video like you would to the rude guy who just cut you off on the interstate ramp. Just smile and wave. I swear, the Penguins of Madagascar are my role models sometimes.

How do vlogs become great? Lets remember that if you are creating your vlog for your business you want it to do one of three things.

  1. Bring in interested audiences to your website or social media page
  2. Engage your audience
  3. Share your knowledge, show your skills!

Check out Sunny’s video on how to build your brand:

Video Credit: Sunny Lenarduzzi, March 5, 2019

I do agree with her branding advice. Great ideas to keep it all together.

Now just remember, keep it clean, keep it inline with your business mission and ethics. And go share your skills with the world!

Until next time,


What are some topics you would like to see me discuss? Comment below.

Curious Adventures

In order to develop my branding strategy, I decided to outline what my mission statement would be.

To safeguard businesses from fraud through internal control and business culture.

With that decided, I am able to showcase some websites that I feel help me reach the target audience. Active business owners who want to succeed or overcome a fraud or problem with their financials. Maybe they aren’t facing fraud, but rather poor financial records.

This website is a good jumping off point for any entrepreneur. Either the beginner for ideas and important points to consider along the way or for those that are seasoned veterans. There is a little something for everyone here. Just remember, it is a research tool so make sure to keep looking at other websites too.

This company deals with many high level clients. I use this website to show people that fraud happens to anyone. It doesn’t discriminate. There are also some good articles on how to protect yourself against fraud.

Fico is a fraud software website. It is a good website to research different types of AI (Artificial Intelligence) fraud businesses and individuals experience. I stay up to date on current trend and fraud challenges through the information on this website.

This website is also a fraud software website. They work to help ecommerce businesses avoid fraud through online transactions. If this is your prime source of revenue for your business, you may find some useful articles here about current trends and advice.

This website is my go-to when I want to see what trouble big corporations are getting into. This website is best for trends and changes.

I use these websites to suggest further my branding strategy because I am really wanting to make you prepared to safeguard against fraud. You are not alone, you aren’t the first and surely won’t be the last to be a victim of fraud. But with safeguards such as; data, internal controls and an ethical business culture, you can combat fraud.

Happy Sunday!


What is An Veritas?

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An Veritas in a loose translation, means “Or the Truth?” in Latin. I have been working on a unique but meaningful business name and wanted something that meant Truth.

An Veritas was born of a dream to be a business consultant a few years ago. I have been working towards that dream and feel this is one of many steps that will carry me towards that goal.

First, try to find a niche market. Am I right? You can Google the word niche and just get more confused, and please don’t Google “how to find your niche”. It isn’t helpful at all. Bottom line…after years of hunting and figuring out what I do best, it’s simply what I do naturally and drive my husband crazy with. Who knew!? Well, other than my husband apparently.

I think pretty good on my feet, I do even better thinking with coffee. I use my experience in accounting, management, team building and diversity to assist businesses in achieving their goals. I have experience in implementing internal control changes and process improvement, finding errors and auditing financial records for compliance and accuracy.

If you have questions, or would like to know more about An Veritas, please contact me at anveritasbf@gmail.com.